“NedNXT is an invaluable resource; providing key insights and assistance with our strategic plans for European expansion. Madeleine and Anke are a pleasure to work with; combining a meticulous business mentality with a focus on the cultural impact of a brand.”

Richard Bicknell

Shiftlink COO, Canada

“You have gone above and beyond what was asked of you and your professionalism shines through the whole project. NedNXT  carried out initial market and feasibility research, sourced potential Dutch clients for us, local warehousing, translated all our communication into Dutch, and set up meeting with potential customers. “

Marcel Duffey MD

Global Auctioneers, United Kingdom

“NedNXT takes care of everything that is needed to enter the Dutch market. They really care about our company and the reputation of our products. Together with their marketing and sales team they are really committed to get our products onto the market. What we really appreciate about Anke and Madeleine is their passionate manner and precise way of working. Thanks for being part of the foodloose family.”

Verena Ballhaus-Riegler

Co-Founder, foodloose, Germany

“The work we at Trompenaars Hampden-Turner have done with the NedNXT has shown great professionalism and passion. I highly recommend them for the work they will surely do for and with you.”

THT Cross-Cultural Guru

Fons Trompenaars

The Netherlands

“Their philosophy and business are not separate but one, and for any company that seeks to build sustainable improvements NedNXT is a great partner with a cutting-edge ability to constantly be at the forefront of knowledge. This translates into their strategies to develop and enhance any offering to market. I would highly recommend them as human beings foremost, and secondly as a specialist in the field.”

Marie Sukers

South Africa

“What I really like about working with Anke and Madeleine is that they are tenacious and dedicated totally to all the brands they work with. They are fully committed to working in collaboration with brands to the best possible outcome and are happy to go the extra mile to try to achieve this.”

Daniel Spayne

MD Equinox Kombucha, United Kingdom

“I really liked the team. I loved to work for 2 women as bosses whom I could look up to and felt they were very inspiring. I was also really fond of the products we sold and the fact that we only sell products that NedNXT itself truly believes in. I had done sales work preciously that included selling products that I personally didn’t really feel people would need or make people happy. NedNXT was so much more fun and motivating because of the beautiful products we sell”.

Eline Sporl

ex NedNXT, The Netherlands

“NedNXT has been a wonderful support and expansion solution to a number of my clients that want to grow beyond borders.  The NedNXT team uses their unique knowledge and expertise, combined with a very personal approach as a powerful force. They focus on entering unique products into The Netherlands and we get great, ongoing feedback from clients that are working closely with them.”

Ingrid Bahri

UK Funded, United Kingdom