Our Story.

At NedNXT, we have a passion for making the world a better healthier, and sustainable place. While guiding you and your business onto the Dutch market, we simultaneously help you to take care of the planet, the people, and your profits. Helping you doesn’t only bring us joy, it also empowers you to feel comfortable within the local Dutch business culture, making it easier for you to build close business relationships and establish your roots in The Netherlands.

Our team consists of a strong team of creative experts, dedicated to helping international or local SMEs to grow their business in The Netherlands. Our combined creativity and understanding of local business networks and sectors ensure a successful shift to a new market. NedNXT’s founders, sales experts, and marketing media team aim to bring the best and most beautiful brands to The Netherlands, with a close eye on sustainability. We choose to work with unique brands that put innovation and sustainability on a pedestal and share the same passion, commitment, and core values as we do.

Are you an organic, green, and sustainable brand with a passion for innovation and growth, ready to enter the Dutch market? Let’s partner up and make a difference.

How to transform your business into a sustainable one

Our Purpose.


We aim to build healthy ecosystems & stimulate sustainable growth for foreign innovative and organic brands that are keen on expanding to the Dutch market. We make sure your business efficiently adapts to the local culture, social values and language while decreasing our environmental footprint where we can.

Our Founders.

Madeleine van der Steege

Madeleine is an expert in the field of entrepreneurship and leadership, and the winner of Woman of the Year 2004. As a business catalyst for international companies in the Netherlands, she’s also a master coach, researcher, co-author of 3 business books published by Emerald, and a part-time Professor at Webster University, Leiden.

Anke Schüttemeyer

Anke is an internationally experienced business consultant with more than 20 years of working experience in social and economic geography, international business development, production/value chains, sustainability (CSR), and stakeholder/risk management. Anke is an expert on sustainable business solutions and holds a PhD in sustainability.