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As the hands and feet of your business in The Netherlands, we work to grow your business in the Dutch market in a sustainable and cost-effective way. First, we make sure to eliminate all the barriers that may slow down your entry into the Dutch market. Then, we securely guide your products or services onto the market, connecting you with relevant partners and the right target audience.

Enter your business in the Dutch market with NedNXT

Dutch Market Test

Is your business ready for the Dutch market? We research and pick the right target customers to test out your products or services and collect valuable feedback. To find the best opportunities for your business, we dive into your competitors and their prices, as well as identify any obstacles that are still in your way of success.

Sustainability Quickscan

We help you become a sustainable gamechanger on the Dutch market. With our Sustainability QuickScan you’ll find out how green and future-proof your products and services are and how you can improve your performance and reduce risks.

Grow a Loyal Customer Base

Before we hit the market, we define a solid strategy tailored to your products or services. We send out your sales kit, samples or demos, launch a fitting marketing campaign, meet and follow up with prospects, and stimulate orders or host trade shows for you. All to make sure you get in touch with the right customers and establish a loyal client base in The Netherlands.

Troubleshoot the Unexpected

As your right hand on the Dutch market, we resolve your customer queries, marketing issues, logistic bottlenecks and communication struggles, and stock supply/demand issues.

Get a Dutch Marketing kit

We create a personalized Dutch marketing and sales kit (digital and on paper) and give a boost to all visual aspects of your products or services to establish the perfect and unique brand identity.

Track Your Progress

Stay on top of your game with monthly status report updates and personalized feedback and information. We keep you up-to-date with the latest developments and your market entry progress in the Netherlands. With this information, we can assess and tweak your strategy as you go!

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